Weight Loss Doctor in Shreveport, LA


Dr. Moricz: Well, when women come to see me they always seem to point to someone whom they know that’s saying, “my friend - she never seems to age” or “she never seems to have certain problems”. Admittedly, I can’t give the answer as to how one woman might not have aging in their skin as quickly as another one. Some can chalk it up to genetics, environment, the one thing I do know is it is possible that person - that woman - is working with her actual skin blueprint.

In other words, after doing 3D skin research and an extensive questionnaire, I actually have a special quiz that helps figure out their likes and dislikes with their skin. Then, while using all that data I’m able to blueprint them. When I blueprint them invariably there’s a simple certainty that they get great results with everything we do, because they work with their skin blueprint. Interviewer: This is something women could do all day long ... for women who are not already VIP clients of yours and familiar with your secret system for skin, what is the actual name of this system?

The Weight Loss Doctor in Shreveport, LA Dr. Moricz’s Skin Miracle System™ is the actual name of my system and maybe to honor their requests, for years I kept it for only my VIP clients, but now I realize that we could be impacting more women, especially women who are spending an excessive amount of money, time and worry on their skin when with simple certainty we could give them the very thing, the basis of why their skin could be beautiful.