Top Way to Sleep Better in Texarkana, TX


Dr. Moricz: What I did, since hormones alone could not help me figure out how to better my sleep, I went back to the basics and became a student again. I went and studies mounds of research. I looked at how the sleep chemistry in the brain worked. There’s actually a little gland called the pineal gland and it releases all the sleep chemicals in a way, when you were younger, much better than you do as you age. So I started researching that, but then I also figured out a lot of literature, the research was based on what the traditional pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors had been touting as a cure.


So here I was looking at three options that people who are suffering with sleep or know someone they love suffers with sleep. #1. I was going to try something over the counter. We all know, if in fact, you can try something over the counter and it fixes your sleep then you probably didn’t have a sleep problem in the first place. #2. You would go to the doctor and he would prescribe a pharmaceutical product. Basically, a product that was black box labeled. In other words, it had an addictive property and was only supposed to be used for short-term, as if sleep problems were short-term anyway or ... #3. Wait for medical science to figure out how you could return to that individualized sleep chemistry like you did years ago.


Now, with me being an impatient person, much like many of you here today, I certainly couldn’t wait for number three. I already knew that prescription medicines left me goofy and really weren’t the cure and I certainly couldn’t cure my sleep with taking over the counters. So what did I do? Help with your  sleep better in Texarkana, TX.