Reverse Aging in Texarkana, TX


Interviewer: Our listeners have to be loving this ... Dr. Moricz, I understand that you are working on an upcoming book “Are You Suffering From Invisible Woman Syndrome: The Insiders Guide for Smart and Savvy Women Aging Before Their Years” . What was the motivation for tackling this controversial topic? Dr. Moricz: Admittedly, years before I created these proprietary blueprint systems women had been coming to me when I started as a surgeon, so I never really believed in prescription writing. When they came to me they were complaining of all kinds of issues, including their skin. What happened was, I pretty much turned them away. Regrettably I turned them away and said, “go to your regular doctor, go to your skin specialist “ and so forth. When, in fact, what they were complaining of is “aging before their years”.

I’m glad they persisted and kept pestering me and pushing me, because they knew deep in their hearts I could help them. From that, from their frustration grew an incredible enthusiasm for me to figure out what I already thought skin science should have delivered, in other words - youthfully glowing skin.


So what happened, women kept coming to me and what I realized is there are so many women over 40, aging before their years that they’re suffering from Invisible Woman Syndrome. They’re no longer the magnetic center of social attention. They no longer feel as good about themselves. They’re very accomplished. They’re smart, but they no longer feel like they did years ago. Therefore, I wanted to give them a secret reason that no one should see them aging. Click here for Reverse Aging in Texarkana, TX.