Reverse Aging Doctor in Little Rock, AR


Dr. Moricz: Well, earlier I mentioned that you are facing three different ways of handling this. Try something over the counter, you can get a prescription medicine or wait on medical science. What I was impatient about was waiting for medical science to figure this out. I had to save me, not because I’m selfish but because of self-interest. I had to fix this problem so that I could get back working as a doctor helping people.

What I decided to do was figure out the brain chemistry and once I did I started testing it with clients. What happened in a short amount of time is that people started initiating their sleep, sleeping through the night and waking up rested. They’d come back and say “Dr. Moricz, this is unbelievable”. What I also realized is that everyone’s sleep chemistry is different, so whatever solution created had to address individual variations in the brain sleep chemicals and do it in a way that was all natural. So, today, with my Ultimate Sleep Solution™ the very thing that saved my life, I’m now able to help people I can’t even see. Once this was reserved for VIP clients alone, but I realized with 70 million sleep sufferers in the U.S., I had to get the word out and had to impact them. So what I’ve done with the system is I’ve made it available to people all across the country and overseas.

Interviewer: That sounds fantastic. So, the Reverse Aging Doctor in Little Rock, AR, Dr. Moricz, you made a confession at a previous live event about how, as a hormonal expert, sleep was the one problem you could not cure with hormones alone, which forced you to become an expert on the brain’s natural sleep chemicals which you have just explained.