Increase Youthful Sexuality in Shreveport, LA


Dr. Moricz: There are rumors and some are true and some are exaggerated. I call it Dr. Moricz’s 30 day rule. In other words, if I’m seeing a client, I will usually be seeing her spouse in 30 days because of the massive difference in mismatch in their sexuality. It is not uncommon for a person to come to me and not even realize how great things were years ago. Think back to the person you met. Think about what life was like and think of that connection you had sexually. A lot of this being addressed will fix a lot of other issues, trust me on that.

The next time that someone asks you about what they can do for you as a doctor or healthcare practitioner, be asking yourself, “is this the type of person to help me get back that youthful sexuality that I enjoyed years ago?” I had a lady joke with me. She said, all right Dr. Moricz I have to confess, I didn’t read your bestselling book and I know you had a first book but she goes, “I’m really curious as to what it was all about”. I said, “you really don’t have to read my book”. My first book was The Insiders Guide to Youthful Sexuality, so in some ways you have already insightfully predicted what the book was about.

You should read it anyway, but in any event, take advantage of everything the system has to offer you. Interviewer: Sounds like an ideal way for a lady who wants to jumpstart the sizzle in her love life that she has been missing so terribly. Our time has run out, but be sure to devour every word of Dr. Moricz’s “Hot and Sexy Hormone Solution” bestseller and only share those secrets with the best of your friends on how to get your Youthful Sexuality in Shreveport, LA  back.