Increase Metabolism in Shreveport, LA



Dr. Moricz: Controversy will always follow my name, because as the son of an engineer, rather than growing up in a doctor’s family, I realized there’s a lot more to engineering a person to youth, to keeping them healthy. The controversy that got me into ‘a lot of trouble’ and a lot of conflict with doctors was when I introduced what’s called your 5th vital sign. Let’s think about it for a minute - you go to the doctor, they check your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and weight and if you have no other real issue to be there, they send you on your way. When,
in fact, you really have not been assessed correctly. Your 5th vital sign is body fat. Think about that. Body fat isn’t just an accumulation of extra calories in your body, its actually your largest hormonal organ.


What it does is it spews out all these chemicals, inflammation in your body, everything from high
blood pressure to cancer has been linked to extra fat in the body, so why wouldn’t a smart and savvy woman want this vital sign monitored? The real answer is they would. Think about this, if I were on a deserted island and we had no tools other than basic vital signs, I would want to measure your body fat. Why? And what you’ll find out in the next discussion about hormones
is that when you have an excess of body fat on your body you are already in hormonal imbalance.


Let’s think about it, when you were 20, if you wanted to lose weight you cut back on food, exercised a little and everything worked out. You’ll find out shortly why your hormonal blueprint is the basis of why everything went so much better. Interviewer: Dr. Moricz, sounds like you have taken a futuristic approach and applied it now to help your clients. Help us understand why, by looking at weight, pounds alone and not body fat, your fifth vital sign, that we are not only missing an opportunity but also hurting women’s chances of success with Increase Metabolism in Shreveport, LA?