Better Sleep in Shreveport, LA


We all know, if in fact, you can try something over the counter and it fixes your sleep then you probably didn’t have a sleep problem in the first place. You would go to the doctor and he would prescribe a pharmaceutical product. Basically, a product that was black box labeled. In other words, it had an addictive property and was only supposed to be used for short-term, as if sleep problems were short-term anyway.

Wait for medical science to figure out how you could return to that individualized sleep chemistry like you did years ago. Now, with me being an impatient person, much like many of you here today, I certainly couldn’t wait for number three. I already knew that prescription medicines left me goofy and really weren’t the cure and I certainly couldn’t cure my sleep with taking over the counters. So what did I do?


I started studying the sleep chemistry and figured out certain patterns. Interviewer: Dr. Moricz, you stated that the disruption of sleep contributes more to early death, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac problems and burnout for so many people that causes them to age before their years, could you help us understand this better? Something that we already know from medical science is that people who don’t sleep have a much higher rate of high blood pressure, obesity and many other medical disorders that can lead them to death. You can Better Sleep in Shreveport, LA.