Anti-Aging Doctor in Texarkana, TX


What you are about to discover is the basis for giving people back their youthful energy, focus and weight control when nothing else seems to work. For a moment, imagine a triangle, if you will. At the base of the triangle is your hormonal blueprint, in other words, you’re in complete hormonal balance. The other two sides of the triangle, one of them is the brain chemical balance and the other is optimized nutrition. When you are 20 your hormones are working and even if you don’t have perfect nutrition and brain chemical balance, hormones can compensate.


Let’s think about it this way, hormones are like the conductor in an orchestra and the musicians are brain chemicals. When you’re young you’re completely hormonally balanced and even if you have imbalances or deficiencies, basically your brain chemicals aren’t cooperating. The conductor can tell the musicians hey, get in sync, wake up. So if your brain chemicals are sleepy, lazy, uncooperative, whatever they’re doing, much of that can be compensated for. Then, 10 to 30 years out what seems to happen is your hormones will take a drop, things are
imbalanced and those brain chemicals deficiencies start to emerge, they’re like a volcanic eruption.


When you take someone back to their perfect Anti-Aging Doctor in Texarkana, TX , which exists, what happens is without use of stimulants, caffeine, energy drinks and mood stabilizers, you now get people feeling and performing like they did years ago. Interviewer: Dr. Moricz, like our listeners, I am taking notes and as I do, can’t help asking myself “how can I take advantage of these youthful blueprints and anti-aging pyramid solutions before irreversible changes in my beauty and health take place?”