Anti-Aging Doctor in Little Rock, AR



What woman over 40 wouldn’t take advantage of something like that ... in closing, I am very intrigued as many of your listeners are about this seldom talked about but very potent strategy that we could already be doing right now. In particular, Dr. Moricz, your last international bestselling book “The Hot and Sexy Hormone Solution” , why did you insist that if women skip this critical step then they would forever be running to the cosmetic counter and beauty consultants without ever enjoying beautiful skin?

Dr. Moricz: Well earlier I shared the statistics on why women are suffering a crisis in early aging, they’re aging before their years and so I felt it was my mission that women should not have to wait 20 plus years for medical science, for skin science to figure out their problem. So, by introducing the Skin Blueprint system™, the very thing that my VIP clients had benefited from to women all across the country, they are now able to get control of the issue, know what to do and predictable, desirable results. Interviewer: Dr. Moricz, you have both shown and proven to us that ordinary approaches never seem to help women look younger. Based on your extensive research and success stories from your VIP clients, how has expanding this game changing strategy - that you use for skin and other areas of women’s health and sexuality - transforming their lives?

Dr. Moricz: Stating it a little differently, I believe that you must blueprint every problem that you see as a doctor. In other words, you must identify when things were most perfect and rewind the person. Traditional medical approaches try to get you healthy in a way that’s completely opposite to this. With an Anti-Aging Doctor in Little Rock, AR we get you youthful first, so you can be healthy and that’s the big difference. So what we deliver is their skin blueprint, which then becomes the basis for becoming beautiful again.