Anti-Aging Doctor in Little Rock, AR


Dr. Moricz: The question that often comes up is about diabetics and in designing this metabolic system, my patented hormonal blueprint and weight loss system, I really had diabetics in mind. Why? Because they have the hardest time losing fat. Everything in their body is tilted towards stacking fat, even if they cut back on food and then because of this huge amount of insulin that’s either being given to them if they require insulin or if they’re what’s called insulin resistant, not actually on insulin, they crank out ‘too much ‘ because they have so much fat in their body.


What ends up happening is they keep pushing sugar into cells so it’s not available and what ends up happening is there’s this vicious cycle of them eating sugar, wave of insulin, bottoming out so they actually have a very difficult time jump staring their metabolism. When you design a metabolic system based on the person’s individual metabolism, what you are doing is tweaking it to make sure that it starts “revving up” a release of heat. A diabetic is a more difficult case.


They may exercise more and may even try to eat right, but without looking individually at their diabetic status, you’re never likely to ever help them in a standard system. Interviewer: That makes so much sense. So, the Anti-Aging Doctor in Little Rock, AR Dr. Moricz, in reading your books and attending your live events, I realized that knowing some of the secret strategies that you shared have protected “smart and savvy” women from wasting time, money and frustration. What should they really be watching
out for?